The Committee on Professional Ethics is a Standing Committee of the Delaware State Bar Association (the “Association”). ?This Committee handles inquiries from Members of the Delaware Bar concerning their own prospective conduct, reviews and recommends proposed changes to the Delaware Rules of Professional Conduct and participates in the presentation of CLE seminars relating to legal ethics. ?In connection with these responsibilities, the Committee issues formal opinions on legal ethical issues, which are available below.

Only a Member of the Delaware Bar with an ethical inquiry concerning his or her own prospective conduct may contact the Committee by sending an email to ?A request for a Formal Opinion requires that the inquiring attorney complete a ?Request for LEO Form in PDF?? or ?Request for LEO Form in Microsoft Word?which may be emailed to:?

This Committee is separate from the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, and has no jurisdiction over past conduct of Delaware attorneys, disciplinary matters, and/or issues concerning the unauthorized practice of law.

The Committee has compiled an Index?with a summary?of Ethics Opinions from 1978-2009 to facilitate your research. ?Additional analysis and/or commentary of the Rules of Professional Conduct are contained in the Ethically Speaking column in past publications of the Bar Journal, and summaries of those past articles are summarized annually in the January issues of the Bar Journal. ?Other information concerning the application of the Rules of Professional Conduct is contained on the website for the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. ?Additional analyses of the Model Rules are available at

NOTE:? Ethics Opinions are not issued every year.